Patient Journey Management

For Urgent Cares, Multi Specialty Groups,
and Independent Providers

Take charge of the 99% of time that patients are pre or post visit.

With automated scheduling and patient engagement.

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We build simple solutions to manage the patient journey.

Scheduling and Patient Engagement.
Set it up once, and let our platform handle the rest. We’ll let you know when patients require your attention.

Does your patient require follow-ups in 3 months? No problem, we’ll have the patient schedule at their convenience and warn your staff if we haven’t heard back.


  • Online Self-scheduling
  • Virtual Queue
  • House calls
  • Staff Scheduling

Too much paperwork when patients first walk in the door? We’ll have them fill in their forms online and provide a digital copy to the both of you.


  • Digital Engagement
  • Seasonal Campaigns
  • Updated Wait Times

Don’t know what your patients think of you? We’ll facilitate private feedback from patient to provider to better the overall experience.


  • Waiting Room Management Tools
  • Clinical & Operational Analytics


We seek to remove barriers for patient entry into the care coordination paradigm. A year ago, we set out on the social mission to improve access to primary care through simple and convenient solutions. Today Statum Health offers a full suite of HIPPA compliant solutions built from the patient’s perspective targeted towards top priorities of various healthcare entities such as urgent care centers and independent providers. These priorities include better patient satisfaction, improved online presence, increased catchment areas, and the development of additional revenue streams.


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